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iSip Support:

Troubles and Solutions

    There are a few reasons about the registration problem, please check:


    (1) Make sure your domain, username, password is set correctly, check again.


    (2) Some SIP providers asked you to set proxy server same as the domain, this could cause problem in some cases. So if you have "Time out" registration error, please try to clear this same proxy server and try agaiin.

    (3) Some SIP providers ask you to use a different auth timeout value, try to use default value or 1800 if you are not sure.

    This usually related to the firewall or NAT in your network. Please ask your SIP providers about stun server. Set and enable stun server in settings. Try again.


    Stun server is a global setting. You can get the stun server after you register free acount with some SIP providers.


    It's required by Apple, all VOIP apps on iPhone can only do VOIP over WiFi network. VOIP over 3G network is not allowed.


Any third party apps on iPhone can't run in background. So this app can't accept incoming VOIP call when it's not running.


However, this apps does run in the sleep mode. So as long as you are in the WiFi network range, keep this app in sleep mode, it does receive the incoming call. But it's consuming the battery at the same time. Please quit this app if you want to save battery.


With iSip 3.0, iSip supports Apple's push notification service.


More Support

Please contact support@vnet-corp.com for more support, our support team will reply you in 48 hours!
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