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    (a). For iPhone 3G, iFound application works everywhere.
    (b). For first generation iPhone or iPod Touch, iFound application works if wireless location service and WiFi are available.
    (c). Starting version 1.01 and on, if there is no location service, but you have WiFi, you can manually input the location and start using the application.

    After installation, you will see the icon of 'iFound' on your iPhone screen as following:

    iPhone Spring Board


    Tap the 'iFound' icon in the above screen, you'll see this:

    All iFound Category:

    Notice your location is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    Now if you want to search for nearby gas stations, just tap 'Gas Station', the search result is showed as below:


    close gas station

    Tap the station of your interest to see the address and other information:

    gas station detail page

    Tap 'Display on the Map' shows you the map telling you how to get there. Tap 'Driving Direction' shows you the turn by turn direction in text.


    driving direction

    At the moment, iFound is free of charge and free of ADs. In future versions, we do intend to display ADs in the free version of iFound. If you are in the business of distributing ADs over mobile devices and want to use iFound to display your ADs, you are welcome to contact sales@vnet-corp.com for more information.

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