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    EasyTalk is an iPhone app that is seamlessly integrated with Facebook that lets you send free texts and make free voice calls to your Facebook friends. It does not matter where you are or where your friends are, or you don't know your friend's phone number, you don't need to worry all that. As long as your friends also have EasyTalk installed on their iPhone, you can send them text messages and call them, for free

    EasyTalk is available on all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, running iOS 3.1 or higher. Support for other smart phone platforms will come soon.

    With EasyTalk, You can make free voice call and send/receive free text to people who meet the following two conditions: a. He/she is connected with you on Facebook. b. He/she has installed EasyTalk on his/her iphone/ipod touch/ipad. After you are logged in to Facebook from EasyTalk, you should see all your Facebook friends name in the Contacts view. For those of who meet the above two conditions, the contact item with their name on it should display an EasyTalk icon along side the name. Tap the name, you will see options of making call or sending text.
As its name suggests, it is very easy to use. At its first startup after installation, it prompts you to login to Facebook using your Facebook account. After a successful login, your Facebook friends are displayed in the Contacts view. The EasyTalk icon will show up on those friends who are already EasyTalk users. You can start to send texts or make voice calls to them.

In Contacts view, tap on the friend item who you want to invite to use EasyTalk. If the friend is not EasyTalk user yet, you should see a 'Invite to user EasyTalk' item. Tap on that, an alert dialog will popup asking for your confirmation. Carefully read through it, and tap 'YES'. As a result, a facebook Wall-To-Wall post will show up in your friend's Facebook Wall, with a link to EasyTalk's Facebook Fan Page, from where a download link is presented. Your friend will be notified by Facebook for the newly created Wall post.

You can also use the 'Share with friends' button in Settings/Facebook page. This creates the same Facebook post, instead, on your own Wall.

Starting with version 1.1, we added an option to invite your friend via email. In 'Settings' view, there is a 'Send Invite Email' item. Tap that will jump to your device's email application. The email is prefilled with a brief invitation to download EasyTalk. You will need to fill the intended receiver's email address and hit 'Send'.

Sending text to friends is quite straight forward. Pick a friend from either Favorite or Contacts view, tap on 'Send Text' will bring you to the Texting view. Tap the Text Input bar just above the bottom Tab Bar to activate the keyboard. Start typing your text. Tap 'Send' when done. That's it.

If you have sent texts to your friend already, you can always tap the 'Messages' tab at the bottom of the screen. Then find your friend's name and tap on it, Texting view will also show up.

It's very similar to sending text. Pick your friend from either Favorite or Contacts, tap 'Make Call', you should start to hear ringback as you would with a normal phone call. When the call is connected, the screen will display 'Connected' status, and will start to show the duration of the call. You can also start a call by pick your friend's name from the Recents tab.

The texting and voice calls use data network, i.e., 3G data network or wifi, whichever is present at the time the communication. When both 3G and wifi are present, wifi takes higher priority. When 3G is used, 3G data charge may occur depends on your usage plan. But you will never get chareged for SMS Texting or cell phone minutes for using EasyTalk.

Just the very basic, your name, and your profile picture, and all your Facebook friends' name, and profile picture. That's it. Except for your name, the rest of the information will never leave the device on which EasyTalk is installed.

    Besides what is talked about in question #2, EasyTalk can create 2 types of posts on Facebook on your behalf: Post on your Facebook Wall. Triggered by 'Share With Friends' button. Wall-to-Wall post on your friend's Facebook Wall. Triggerred by 'Invite to Use EasyTalk' button. EasyTalk asks for your permission each time it performs such an action.

    We are commited to provide the best technical support to our customers. If you are a paid customer, you can submit a ticket at here. We'll get back to you within a 48 hour timeframe. Please provide as much information as you can so we can narrow down the problem of your issue faster.

    If you are a VOIP/SIP provider wish to distribute iSip to your customer, please contact us at sales@vnet-corp.com. We have volume license available and we can also customize our product for your specific needs.

    When you are offline,you can also know the calls by push notification service.You should be able to receive notification message if your sip server can be connected by our push server. With some sip servers, we can actually transfer the incoming call to iSip if you are in a wifi zone, for others, you can see the notification message about incoming call's number or caller id.
    First,Tap the 'Accounts' icon at the bottom to get to 'Account Manager' page:

    Second,tap your account and you will get the page blow:

    Turn it to "on",then it will remind you of your calls even if you are offline.

    From version 4.4, we added prefix for each account, this prefix in the account only applys to call start from address book. The prefix in setting will be applied to all calls, but the prefix in setting one will only work when the one in account has not been set.

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