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Troubles and Solutions
    Your EasyTalk probably hasn't connected to Facebook yet since your friend downloaded and installed EasyTalk. Restart EasyTalk (or bring EasyTalk to background and then bring it back to foreground) will lead to an automatic update. Or you can tap the 'Connect to Facebook' button in Settings/Facebook view. Once updated, you should see the EasyTalk icon along side your friend's name in Contacts view.
    'Network Unavailable' means your device has no network (i.e. no wifi, nor 3G). 'Server Unreachable' means your device has access to wifi or 3G, but is not able to establish connection to EasyTalk server. Possible reasons are: Even though your device shows 3G signal being available, it is not able to accquire an ip address. Try move to a place with better signal reception. The Wifi network you are in blocks tcp traffic on the port EasyTalk is using There is a big change in EasyTalk server and you need to update your EasyTalk app to be compatible with EasyTalk server. This should rarely happen, and you should get an alert prompting you to update when it does happen. EasyTalk server is down at the time. Check EasyTalk's twitter feed for status update.

    When the call shows 'Connected' status, the only reason you get one way voice is one of the party in the call hassome kind of issue with the microphone or speaker. Check whether your microphone/speaker is on, and their volume is normal

Facebook is a very popular website and its server gets busy sometime and occasionally the response can be slow. Wait for 5 minutes and try tap the 'Connect with Facebook' button again should most likely solve this problem.
We've noticed sometime the update process may interfere with the previously running instance of EasyTalk and may cause such issue after the update. Usually this can be solved by rebooting your device. If problem still exist, try delete EasyTalk from the device and download it from App store again.

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