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    (1)Start the app, you will see the about page,which displays brief introduction of this app.

    (2)click OK button to Enter the Message List page,which has a New Message item ,click on it to lead you to the edit view.Notice,if you have not set an account,an alert is created to tell you what to do.

    (3)Click setup button to set your account.which can enable you both send and receive messages.however,you also allow to click Test button to use the default account provided by our company,but this account just allow you send messages.so we recommend strongly that you set your own account once at installment.

    (4)if you Click Test Button.you will enter the message edit view as below.There are two fields to fit.TO textfield is to put the mobile number of receiver ,and the other is the content of you message. after all have done ,click send Button to send the message.

    (5)after sending ,you will return to the Message List page,and you can see the message sent just now.

    (6)if you clicked SetUp button,you will enter the account setting view.This View is very important .you should edit carefully and rightly.the following picture tells the meaning of each item.we hope it will help you to set your account sound

    Login Name:the username you use when you login into your email server


    Emailaddress:your emailaddress

    display name:any name you like to use

    smtp, pop3 and their port:consult at your email provider.if you are using gmail,fill like the picture does.make sure you have enable pop,and you can open pop at gmail web page.However,you can also use any server you want.


    (7) when all data is given ,don't forget to click save button to save your account data.


     (8)after set up and if your account data is validate,then,you can not only use the software to send message but also receive ,too.


    (9)once you received one new message,notification is showed on the status bar,drag it down and click aSMS item ,you can view the new message.



    (10)the new message is at top of the list with red text color.click it to enter the message detail page.In this page,all the existing messages between you are displayed,and the new one is at the bottom of the list.



    (11)if you want to see more information of the message ,you can click on it.then,the information will show.


    (12)if you don't like the message .delete it! longclick on the message will show you some operations you can do with the message.


    (13)event if you want to delete the message ,an added confirm is given,if you changed your mind you can cancel .

    (14)you can also delete an entire conversation as below:long click on the converastion you want to delete


    (15)if you want to delete ,choose the delete item


    (16)choose yes to delete the selected conversation.no to cancel.if you clicked yes:


    thanks for using our software!

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