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Software interface UI designers /Art Designers

Position Requirements:
1. Solid Art Foundation, rich design experience and excellent creative ability.
2. Understand the mobile user interface, better icons interface design skills and design creative.
3. Have the ability to independently complete the full set of UI design and excellent aesthetic ability.
4. Able to independently design the Static Web Pages.
5. Keen on paying close attention to industry information and experience mobile phone products, familiar with the mobile Internet trends, have insight and professional opinions for various products' user experiences.
6. Have a good attitude of cooperation and team spirits, and full of work passion, creativity and responsibility.
7. Skilled in using Photoshop ,CorelDraw(or Illustrator),Dreamwaver,Flash,Flex software and so on, and familiar with HTML、Javascript、Div+CSS and other techonologies.
8. Art、Design or related major, college degree or above,1-3 years of work experience.

C/C++ software development

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development of underlying communication function.
2. Responsible for the underlying function modification and maintenance.
Position Requirements:
1. Skilled in using C/C++, strong programming knowledge and experience.
2. Familiar with LINUX or WINDOWS platform and C/C++ development environment.
3. Familiar with socket Multiple-process/multiple-threaded programming, know about TCP/IP, HTTP and other network communication protocol.
4. Familiar with one database operation, and mastering SQL.
5. CET-4 or above, be able to read English documents very well.
6. Practical Mobile internet software design and development experience, the related experience will be preferred.

iPhone software development engineer (Urgent)

Job Responsibilities:
1.Responsible for iPhone/iPad application development.
2.Responsible for product customization application's modification and maintenance.
Position Requirements:
1.Major in computer or related field, bachelor degree or above.
2.1-3 years of iphone/ipad development experience.
3.Master objective-c programming, skilled in using Xcode, interface Builder and other tools.
4.Skilled in using one database operation, and mastering SQL.
5.Have deep understanding and experience on Socket、TCP and HTTP, know about 3G/WiFi and other techonologies.
6.Be able to read and write English documents fluently.
7.Strong study capability, easy to accept new technology and go on top of new technology.
8.Strong performance optimization and the ability of troubleshooting and solving the problem.


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